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It's a Party! Air Filled Balloon Decorations hanging from the ceiling

Celebrate The Day has the equipment to hang air-filled balloons from ceilings that have metal as high as 25ft. We use a magnet hanging system. It's perfect for school and recreational gyms, Car Dealerships, Grocery Markets and Department Stores. Balloons look great for weeks, with no concern for helium costs. We work with local stores to provide balloon decor on a monthly basis. Just tell us your theme, we'll take down and setup balloons every month. As little as $100 to much more!
If your having an event at one of the many hotels in our area, you won't have to worry about helium balloons getting loose and the hotel charging an expensive fee to get fly away balloons down. The only direction for an air-filled balloon to go is down. Some of the decor we can hang from ceilings: flowers, balls, stars, columns, garlands. Ceiling decor is also great at events with kids. You won't have to worry about balloon bouquets from the tables being carried around the room! =o)
For a fr…

How to make a Balloon Arch and Balloon Columns

A balloon arch is ideal for many occasions, at the entrance to a party, grand opening or other special event at a store front. Also above the cake table, background for photographs and even at walk/races for participants to go through the arch.

Balloon arches can be helium or air filled. To find out which type is best for you, you should answer the following questions:
How long should the decoration last? Is the decoration for an indoor or outdoor event? How many helpers do I have for building the arch? How much time and money do I want to invest?

A helium filled arch, especially "String of Pearls", is the easiest and less time consuming solution. As the balloons float, you won't need any sturdy construction. The balloons are simply attached to a nylon or monofilament line. This also works for a multi-balloon arch made of balloon clusters of three to five balloons each.
A simple variation of a single line arch is the "Link-O-Loon" (or Linkal…

Do It Yourself Balloon Arches, Columns and more for parties and corporate events

I have people ask me every week "how difficult is it for those of us who have no balloon experience to assemble your kits?" My response "Not that difficult at all!"

Celebrate The Day balloon decorating kits include all the materials you'll need except salt or sand (for the weight), scissors and helium (only for the arches). Balloon columns use air in the balloons, therefore less out of pocket expense to create them. Some of the kits include the hand air inflator and other kits the pump is sold seperately. Each description lists if it is included or even required for that particular decoration.  We also include a few additional balloons/materials just in case you need them. You'll get a full page of instructions and image of the finished decoration. Review when you receive your order and if you have any questions, please call or email us.

Not all balloons are created equal. Therefore, we include only Qualatex balloons in each kit giving you the best on the ma…

Books from Birth Valentine Dance at The Factory in Franklin

I started inflating balloons for the dance Wednesday, February 8th. By the time Saturday rolled around, there were balloons everywhere.

We placed an 8' Balloon Column at the entrance.

When attendees entered the room they walked under a Double Balloon Arch.

We even had a creation inspired from Disneys movie "UP".

The tables were decorated with Heart centerpieces.

It was a fun-filled evening!

See a video of the dancing and music by "Randy California" on our youtube channel.

Celebrate The Day raffled prizes to 6 lucky winners, valued at $40 each. Until next Valentines dance...

Thank you for stopping by and make it a great day, Celebrate!

Cindy Bryant
Celebrate The Day
Franklin, Tennessee

Recent Gift Deliveries by Celebrate The Day

Celebrate The Day is located in Franklin, Tennessee. We deliver all over Middle Tennessee. Cookies, Cupcakes, Balloons and more. Shop online at or call us 7 days a week at {615} 613-3282.

candy bouquet
Candy Bouquet with Birthday Balloon
Black Balloon Delivery to Gaylord Opryland Hotel
Pretty in Pink Helium Balloon Bouquet
  Music Note Birthday Balloon Column
A singing telegram as "Squiggles"
It's Mackenzie's Sweet 16th Birthday
Lady Chicken surprises everyone at a daycare
laughing with lady chicken during a singing telegram
dancing with lady chicken
doing the chicken dance
singing chicken telegram