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Do It Yourself Balloon Arches, Columns and more for parties and corporate events

I have people ask me every week "how difficult is it for those of us who have no balloon experience to assemble your kits?" My response "Not that difficult at all!"

Celebrate The Day balloon decorating kits include all the materials you'll need except salt or sand (for the weight), scissors and helium (only for the arches). Balloon columns use air in the balloons, therefore less out of pocket expense to create them. Some of the kits include the hand air inflator and other kits the pump is sold seperately. Each description lists if it is included or even required for that particular decoration.  We also include a few additional balloons/materials just in case you need them. You'll get a full page of instructions and image of the finished decoration. Review when you receive your order and if you have any questions, please call or email us.

Not all balloons are created equal. Therefore, we include only Qualatex balloons in each kit giving you the best on the market. You can see images of each color available at

Some of the decorations available as a do it yourself balloon decorating kit:

Go here to see more!

If your party or corporate event will be in the Nashville Tennessee area, we're available to decorate for you. We have 10 years experience. Indoors and Outdoors. One Day or many days. We have the staff and professional equipment to give your venue  just the right  style! Quotes are free, email or call with details and you'll have a response from us within 1-2 days.

Click on the youtube icon at the top of any of our webpages. You'll be able to see a column assembled as well as many other videos of our products and services that might interest you. If you still have questions or would like to have a custom decorating kit, send an email to or call 615-613-3282. We're here to help you celebrate the day!

Thank you for stopping by and make it a great day, Celebrate!

Cindy Bryant, Owner of Celebrate The Day located in Franklin, Tennessee


  1. Post a comment here or connect with us on Facebook and get a free 5ft column kit with your purchase of $50 or more of DIY kits.


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