Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It's a Party! Air Filled Balloon Decorations hanging from the ceiling

Celebrate The Day 

your balloon and gift shop in Nashville

We have the equipment to hang air-filled balloons from ceilings that have metal as high as 25ft. We use a magnet hanging system. It's perfect for school and recreational gyms, Car Dealerships, Grocery Markets and Department Stores. Balloons look great for weeks, with no concern for helium costs.

We work with local stores to provide balloon decor on a monthly basis. Just tell us your theme, we'll take down and setup balloons every month. As little as $100 to much more!

If your having an event at one of the many hotels in our area, you won't have to worry about helium balloons getting loose and the hotel charging an expensive fee to get fly away balloons down. The only direction for an air-filled balloon to go is down.

Some of the decor we can hang from ceilings: flowers, balls, stars, columns, garlands. Ceiling decor is also great at events with kids. You won't have to worry about balloon bouquets from the tables being carried around the room!

For a free consultation, call 615-613-3282 or email Be sure to provide your event details, including date, time, location. A photo of the room and ceiling your event will be held will also be helpful. Theme or colors for your event. 

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