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How should I inflate a Mickey Mouse Ears 15" latex balloon?

How should I inflate a Mickey Mouse Ears 15" latex balloon?

You may start to feel like they are going to pop and the ears are not blown up yet. But just keep adding air until they fill out because they won't pop.

Improperly inflated below

Lack of inflation. Not enough air/helium has been blown into the balloon. If you take the balloons to a party store/drug or grocery store, be sure to ask if they are familiar with this balloon. Just because they work behind the counter, doesn't make them a balloon professional! I've had hands on experience with this balloon and it is Qualatex brand... the very best balloons.

They are available in a variety of colors: dark blue, sapphire blue, green, purple, red, pink, yellow.  They'll be a hit at your next Mickey or Minnie Mouse party!

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See the balloons as they are being inflated.....

Other consumer comments for this product:

Title: Very Cute Addition
Date: Mar 16, 2012
They were a hit with the kids. Each child got to bring one home. My daughter's lasted about a week. You do have to pull on the ears when blowing up so they form correctly and as the balloon slowly deflates over the days it does get distorted. But def worth the $ and a cute idea for goodies for kids to bring home.

Review by Skandalissa "Skandalissa" : Mickey Balloon 5 Star
I was skeptical about buying this balloon as I read problems with inflating the ears. I had no issues whatsoever. As I inflated the balloon it did look like it was ready to pop but it didn't. Both ears inflated, one first then the next. I inserted a picture. I filled all 12 balloons with none popping.I was very happy and I got yellow, blue and red ones.
Review by Karen L. Lee : The ears WILL inflate 4 Star
The ears will inlate if you blow the balloon up enough....they have to be blown up really big for the ears to inflate but they DO end up looking like they are supposed to. The head portion of the balloon gets really big and tight before the ears inflate

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